Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Breakfast and lunch have been the hardest to come up with ideas for DooDo's.  To be honest Lunch is the hardest for me for myself too.  I just hate making that meal in the middle of the day, but if I don't eat something good for lunch I'm STARVING for dinner and typically end up eating junk in between.  

Today breakfast was a bit of a mix, hardboiled egg yolk, yogurt, avocado! 

How to do it:

Egg Yolk: 

I hardboiled an egg for about 9mins once it started to boil.  (I have this neat little egg timer that tells me when my egg is done and when DooDoo's is done.  I ran the egg under COLD water to cool it down quickly and then removed the shell and egg white.

Why only the white: Egg whites are high in the allergenic list and so I have not introduced them as a whole yet.  DooDoo does get them in baked things I make so I believe I could try them now but I'm comfortable waiting the year for this one.
What is so great about the yolk: according to WebMD and MANY other sites, egg yolk is a great first food.  It contains the VITAL Iron all babies need in a natural form they can absorb.  Breastfeed babies and formula fed babies all need Iron starting around 4-6months of age as their Iron stores are being depleted.  Also the yolk contains high levels of DHA which assists in the ever important brain health and function.  A study found that infants (both BF/formula) given egg yolk showed higher levels of iron stores than those not eating egg yolk.  And don't worry about the cholesterol, (eggs contain about 200mg of cholesterol and 6mg of fat) none of those infants fed egg yolks showed increased levels of blood cholesterol... maybe another reason to eat REAL FOOD!

Almond Yogart: 

I found this fantastic almond yogurt in blueberry flavour.  I wasn't sure how he was going to like it so I just put a little bit in a bowl.  He loved it!  Best thing is that it specifically states Gluten Free, Dairy Free and there is no carrageenen.  I won't get into the issues with carrageenen but if your interested you can look it up..too much to list here.  If you buy dairy or vegan meat alternatives I suggest you check for this ingredient and switch to one that does not use it.  
Available at most grocery stores in the natural foods fridges.
Found mine at Fortinos. 


What does an AVO do?
My personal fav!!( DooDoo's too!)  I buy 3 Avo's a week and he typically eats 1.5 and I eat the rest.  I cut about a 1/4 of the Avo for him and remove it from the skin.  If I'm trying to be tidy I feed it too him in small chinks on a spoon, if its nuddie boy time then I just chop it into chunks and let him have a go!  Avo stains really badly I have learned :( and ruined some really great clothes.  

Check out this great video on how to cut an avo and keep it from browning.  

There you have it...a yummy grain free, dairy free breakfast!  

What are your favourite breakfast ideas for the little ones?? 

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