Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Grain Free, Dairy Free Lasagna (9 months)

Tonights meal was a very very yummy Grain Free, Dairy Free, (no zucchini noodle) lasagna.  My hubby is not totally into the grain free so I made a separate lasagna with his GF noodles and regular cheese (he's fine with gluten free and milk free but my creations without grains are not his favourite).

I wasn't too sure how DooDoo would take to the lasagna but it was a MAJOR HIT! He even had a second helping ... although after we got him out of his high chair we found a good amount of food left behind :)

I can't take full credit for the recipe as I found parts on other sites but here is my version of this fantastic meal!

Grain Free, Dairy Free Lasagna -- Great for little hands and exploring tastes

Lasagna 'Pasta' Sheets (really a great crape)

This came from Against all Grains and they have done an awesome tutorial so I won't repeat it here but I'll add my changes

1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 teaspoon grain free baking powder
1/4 teaspoon sea salt --Did not use salt as little bodies can't process it like we can
1 1/2 cup egg whites (or 16 egg whites)
3/4 cup almond milk
Mix all of the ingredients in a non-reactive bowl. Let sit for 10 minutes so the coconut flour can soak up some of the moisture, and then whisk again. The batter should be runnier than that of pancakes, about the same as a crepe batter.

Crepe/tortilla 'pasta noodle' cooking
Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat and spray with oil or melt enough butter add coconut oil to coat the bottom and sides of pan. Pour 1/4 cup of the batter into the pan, swirling the pan while you pour to ensure the bottom is coated and the tortilla is thin.
 ** coconut oil has many fantastic reasons to be used here, higher smoke point, healthy fats and it's recommended to consume daily! ** 
These guys made a perfect snack cut into strips with almond butter and rolled up

Cooking the Veggies and Meat

I Chopped the veg and cooked it up ... all veggies were chopped small enough that DooDoo would have less chance of choking but could still pick them up. 
Veggies when they are finished cooking 

2 zucchini
1 red pepper
1 orange pepper
A bunch of mushrooms
LOTS of spinach 
**Spinach or any leafy greens are MEGA valuable in all diets, get as much as you can every day**
Zucchini cooking up

Add about 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and melt over medium heat.  Add zucchini and cook until soft.  Add peppers, mushrooms and continue to cook until all are soft. 
zucchini, mushrooms, peppers
Add spinach by the handful.  Add another handful each time the previous one is sweated and slightly wilted.  *I added about 4 handful or 1/2 of the big tub it comes in*
Once all are cooked remove from heat and set aside. 
Add in spinach

Meat Sauce: 
1lb ground beef (or any meat you like in your lasagna)
Homemade marinara sauce** (or 1-2 jars of tomato sauce)
1 jar tomato paste
1 Spanish onion finely chopped 
3 cloves garlic crushed
Adding in sauce

In a large pan heat 1/2Tbsp coconut oil.  Add onion and garlic, cook until translucent and fragrant. 
Add meat and brown.  Once browned, stir in marinara sauce and set meat sauce aside.  
Not the most yummy photo but it sure tastes good

Now you should have all parts ready to be assembled ...

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. 

Take your 'pasta' tortilla/crepes and cut them into strips resembling pasta sheets. 
Add some sauce to the bottom of the pan. 
1. Lay 'pasta' along the bottom of the pan so they are touching. 
2. Add meat sauce as next layer
3. Add veggies
4. Pasta layer
... repeat until all is used.
**For DooDoo's parts I stopped here, but on mine I added some Dairy free cheese. 
Here it is in the oven ... I forgot to show the layers :(
Bake uncovered for 30 mins and top is browning.  
Remove from oven and let sit for 10-15mins to thicken up. 
Serve and Enjoy! 
Just outta the oven ... I'm drooling
Humm ... looks good! 
For DooDoo I chopped up the piece of lasagna so 
that the meat and noodles were small enough. 
His facial expressions break me up :)

I think his face speaks for how he liked it  :) 
Well done momma!! 

He ate almost as much as I did.  Notice Hubby's in the background ;)

Hope you enjoyed and are inspired to try a fun meal with your family! 
Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions!! 

**what did I do with the extra crepes/tortillas/'pasta sheets'**
--kept 1/2 of one out for snacks this week and the rest I froze for coming weeks!
--I'll let you know how they were after freezing

**Homemade Marinara Sauce

Sweat 1 chopped onion and 3 cloves of garlic in a heavy bottom sauce pan. 
Add 3 cans diced of tomatoes, handful of fresh basil, Marjoram spices to taste. 

Let simmer for 3-4 hours.  

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