Tuesday, 8 January 2013


It's my first post on this blog and I'm very excited to get right into it!

Welcome to It's a Real Food Baby where, as the name states, I'm blogging about my experiences with feeding my baby real foods.  DooDoo's, as we like to call him, is loving trying so many different flavours and textures.

Why blog about what my lil' guy is eating?

Because until a few weeks ago I was LOST on what and how to feed him in the best way to support his growth and development.  Also, I couldn't find a great source that fit what I was looking for.  So if you are looking for information on feeding your baby a Grain Free and Dairy Free diet then  stick around, I might have some great information for you.

First off I'm NOT a nutritionist or dietician or anything of the sort. However through my personal experiences, education, research and work with my naturopathic doctor I have completely changed how I think about food and what it can (and will) do to my body.  Now that I have a son who is eating food I am learning even more and having so much fun in the process.  What is the biggest thing I have learned to date ... everything I thought I knew about health, calories, grains, proteins, wheat, gluten and dairy is so wrong it might as well be completely backwards.  I'll get into each of these in a post soon.

So what do I consider REAL food ... those which are not overly processed or dramatically altered form their natural state and those which do not cause adverse reactions to our bodies.

Thanks for stoping by and feel free to leave your questions and comments and I'll help where I can.


  1. Hey Court!
    Keep up the blogging so I can get healthy ideas from you, especially if and when I have a little one!!! Great reading so far!

    1. Thanks so much Terena! I'm having fun playing and learning as I go! Hope I can help a few others out in the mean time!