Thursday, 17 January 2013

Grain Free Tacos for Dinner

A while back in my search for great menus and recipes I found an amazing site, Once A Month Mom.  This site has so many recipes and menu ideas I would spend all of DooDoo's nap time saving and pinning these amazing recipes.  Now OAMM has a Paleo menu, which means the recipes are grain free and most are dairy free too ... exactly what I'm looking for!

Once A Month Mom

As I have mentioned before, my hubby is not really a fan of my grain free 'creations' (we will call them) but I thought this one looked really good and gave it a shot.  

Click here for the Once a Month Mom Paleo Mini Tacos

My Changes: 

I didn't alter this one too much.  I left out the salt and used coconut oil instead of the Ghee as I'm new to this and didn't have any.  What is Ghee: basically its butter which has had the milk solids and water removed which is very common in Indian cooking.  

***One other change if you're going to try this:  Add an egg to the almond/ghee mix to help keep the 'shell' together***

 I Prepped meat, shells and peppers.

Then filled the muffin cups with the almond/coconut oil mixture.  The cups I used were BIG but I liked that I could add more 'filling' into each.

 Be sure to make press the 'shell' into the sides and that it forms against the muffin tin.

After baking, let them cool for a bit then remove.

I got really excited about these and forgot to grab a photo of what they looked like on the plate.  Sorry!

We ate them with avocado (of course) and fresh salsa. 

How did they turn out?

Well they tasted AMAZING ... however, I didn't know about adding the egg to the almond/coconut oil shell at that time and so my hubby affectionately referred to them as 'Taco Sand'.  I really wish I had a photo of the 'Sand' haha :)

DooDoo loved them, he did a pretty good job eating them with his hands, I love watching him shovel food into his mouth ... and I think Scout likes when he misses his mouth!! 

Please give these a try and let me know how they turned out for you.  

Thanks to Tricia at Once A Month Mom for these amazing recipes.  You keep them coming and I'll keep trying them!

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